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Open Innovation initiative

Sometimes, ideas are too great to be limited within a company's own boundaries. Other times, the greatest ideas comes from outside the company.

At Meggitt, we are aware of the increasing importance of open innovation. We wish to push ideas to greatness instead of limiting them. Therefore, Meggitt A/S has launched an Open Innovation initiative aiming to:

  • provide better solutions for the customers,
  • explore the markets for new / previously unknown opportunities,
  • get a broader collaboration with other scientists and companies in the field,
  • gather new ideas for materials, applications, devices, manufacturing process etc.Open innovation activities that are currently being offered by Meggitt A/S are:

Materials characterization services

We have a wide range of characterization equipment which we now make available to the customers, end-users and developers.

At open innovation activities, we offer a full characterization of your material or device, in a wide temperature- and frequency range. Furthermore, a climatic chamber with adjustable environmental conditions is available as well.

Lastly, we offer to assist you with prototyping and making your products ready for testing.

Modelling services

Meggitt A/S offers a FEM modelling of piezoelectric devices on the basis of available COMSOL Multiphysics software.

FEM modelling provides good visualization of structural behaviour and failure under various conditions that are hard to simulate during the experiments.


Free samples

At Meggitt A/S, we can provide you with the wide variety of free samples in many different shapes and types.



Training services

We have been working together with the customers and academia in a number of different projects and development programs and are ready to share our experience and knowledge with you. The offer we have in the frame of Open Innovation training activities includes:

  • Dedicated training courses (e.g. ABC of piezoelectricity, application of piezoelectric materials, piezoelectric based devices, materials characterization techniques etc.),
  • On-site trainings.
  • Dedicated workshops and seminars (including webinars) 

Future workshops will be announced here.


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